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Basic Information

A rug is a piece of soft furnishing, typically used as a floor covering. In many ways, a rug is a smaller aspect of the carpet - there is a point where the two merge into one another - but rugs need not necessarily be made of textile; the most obvious alternative being animal skins. Due to their smaller size, rugs may also be used to cover pieces of furniture - whether as protection, for increased warmth and comfort or to conceal wear and damage. A rug may also be laid atop a carpet as further coverage.

The lower end of rugs - especially those used to protect a floor - may be called mats instead.

"Rug" (short for "head rug") may also be a vulgar euphemism for a wig, especially one worn to disguise baldness.


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Game and Story Use

  • Much as for carpets (q.v.). Rugs are also ideal for covering trapdoors and similar things.
  • The animated animal skin rug is also a traditional favourite.
  • As an art object, a rug can be treasure on its own or can contain a secret message.
  • And of course, it can be the economy version of a magic carpet.
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