Running Of The Bulls
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Basic Information

The Running of the Bulls is a sport celebrated in Spain (especially Pamplona) where people try to outrun a herd of bulls released in a narrow street. Accidents are common, and sometimes they are fatal.



Game and Story Use

  • In a fantasy setting, the runners might not be pursued by a herd of bulls, but a herd of minotaurs.
    • Or perhaps the bull running tradition dates back to a historic incident involving a herd of minotaurs.
  • In fantasy and science fiction settings, other potentially dangerous creatures might substitute for the bulls.
  • It is possible, in a modern-day occult setting, that the Running of the Bulls has some occult significance - perhaps those killed by the bulls are unwitting sacrifices, their life force spent to keep an ancient horror bound… or to awaken it.
    • Perhaps a chance to turn the tables once a year is part of the price for the God of Bulls to accept bullfighting.
  • While visiting Pampalona, the PCs notice that it's too quiet, especially since the street is decorated for a festival. Then one of them thinks to check a calendar…
  • A bull run would be one heck of an encounter for your chase scene obstacle course. Definitely more exciting that a St. Patrick's Day parade.
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