Russia and US collaborate in Afghanistan drug raid
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October 29, 2010: Agents from both the United States and Russia - about 70 people from both countries - have cooperated on a raid on a major drug laboratory in Afghanistan close to the borders of Pakistan, seizing more than a ton of heroin and opium. Along with the drugs, a large amount of "technical equipment" was destroyed. The head of Russia's drug control agency, Viktor Ivanov, says that Russia wants to increase cooperation with the United States on fighting the drug business in Afghanistan, and plans to station some additional of its officers to various cities in the country.



Game and Story Use

  • Of course, they would call fighting a cult or a minor outbreak of some entity from the Cthulhu Mythos a "drug raid"…
    • And you really don't want to know what that "technical equipment" was. But your player characters are going to find out…
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