Russian Mobile Nuclear Power Plants
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March 17, 2009: Russian engineers have built mobile nuclear power plants - both in tracked and wheeled versions. This program was discontinued after the Chernobyl disaster.



Game and Story Use

  • Such mobile power plants would become valuable prices for any community in an After The End campaign - and thus perfect Mac Guffins for the PCs to chase after.
  • A Mad Scientist requiring a lot of power for his experiments would find these very useful, especially if he can't access the normal power grids.
  • A more prosaic 'mobile nuclear power plant' for an After The End campaign might be a nuclear powered ship or submarine tied up at a costal town to provide power.
    • The US actually built at least one seaborne mobile nuclear plant to power their bases in the Panma Canal Zone … in the converted hull of a Liberty Ship of all things…
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