Salton Sea
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Basic Information

The Salton Sea is an inland lake in Southern California. In the early 20th century, it was used for fishing and was a popular location for resort towns, and also sported a U.S. Navy installation. However, the lake has no outflow, and as a result agricultural runoff caused the lake to become gradually toxic (not to mention extremely foul-smelling) until its lake front settlements were largely abandoned and became ghost towns. To this day its white beaches are littered with dead fish.


Game and Story Use

  • These ghost towns come from a more modern age than the traditional western ones for a different flavor, and the pollution also gives all sorts of opportunities for toxic monsters and vengeful nature spirits alike.
    • Where animism is a thing (and it very much was for the Amerindian peoples), you can bet that the genius loci of this place is really pissed off.
  • A good place of power for a mage aspected toward water, death, pollution, or abandonment.
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