Sand Animation
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Basic Information

Sand Animation is a type of performance art in which the artist creates a series of images with sand of various colors which are shifted around by his hands and fingers.


1. Kseniya Simonova - Sand Animation - particularly impressive YouTube video of sand animation

Game and Story Use

  • This art form is relatively obscure and will thus likely be unknown to most players. Therefore it is useful to highlight the sophistication and artistry of comparatively alien (perhaps even nonhuman) civilizations in non-Earth settings.
  • Perhaps sand animation could be used to communicate with or even summon immaterial spirits in a desert environment - the summoner creates a series of images with sand which will request or compel the entity to appear. The entity then shifts the sand to create its own images and patterns.
    • If it is an exchange of information, then all the information might be exchanged via the sand images only.
    • If the summoner tries to compel the spirit, the one who can create the more compelling series of images (which might appear as a full-fledged story) will win the contest of wills. The GM should give the summoner for particularly impressive player description of the word-images used.
  • Sand Animation using especially rare or enchanted sands - or similar, sand-like substances (like spices, perhaps) might be used for a specialized form of magic - perhaps it is possible to create items or even creatures out of sand.
  • Might be interesting in a mystical context when combined with a buddhist sand mandala.
    • Throw in a bit of those time-monks from Terry Pratchett's Discworld and this would seem to give off a sort of Minority Report caseboard vibe.
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