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Basic Information

The sasquatch (also referred to as "bigfoot" by many amateur cryptozoologists) is an ape-like cryptid thought to inhabit remote forests in the Pacific Northwest region of Canada and the US. Sasquatch are usually described as large, hairy, bipedal apes standing between six and 15 feet tall, while weighing in excess of 500 pounds. Although no specimen of a sasquatch (living or dead) has ever been captured or recovered intact, rumors of the species' existence continue to persist.

Some cryptozoologists believe that sasquatch may represent relict populations of prehistoric apes known as Gigantopithecus or even a relict population of the early hominids Homo erectus. Further speculation by cryptozoologists posits that such creatures actually exist worldwide and are known by other names, such as "Yeti" (Tibet and Nepal), "Orang Pendek" (Indonesia), etc.

See Also

  • Mount Shasta
  • Tornit - a creature from Inuit Mythology which might be of the same type.
  • Leshy - a more fantastical wildman of Russian myth.
  • Woodwose - something similar from Europe.
  • Schrat - a specifically Germanic version.
  • Moehau - again, a very similar creature from Maori legend, sometimes thought to be related to the maero.

Like many "wild man of the woods" narratives, this may also be related to the satyr of classical myth.


Game and Story Use

  • Sasquatch exist!
    • Our intrepid group of amateur sasquatch researchers have travelled to Headless Valley in an attempt to obtain a living specimen of the creature for study. What they find is a lost world populated by a relict population of early hominids and a host of other unfriendly creatures from eras long since passed. What starts as a research trip turns into a fight for survival!
    • The PCs are dispatched by the home office of Bigol Corp to investigate incidents of equipment sabotage and employee disappearances at one of their logging camps in the state of Washington. When the PCs arrive, they find only one logger in the camp and he's telling crazy stories about being attacked by "bigfoot". Unfortunately, for the PCs, his stories turn out to be true.
    • In the Cthulhu mythos sasquatch/yeti are bioengineered constructs built by the Mi-Go.
  • Sasquatch may exist, but this menace is far more human.
    • Extremist environmental activists are using the legends about sasquatch to cover their sabotage of logging equipment and their abduction of lumberjacks from various work sites in Oregon. The PCs are federal agents sent to locate the missing lumberjacks and find out exactly who is behind the attacks, arresting them if at all possible.
      • For even more fun, the fake sasquatch eco-terrorists and the PCs both end up hunted Congo style by actual - and angry - sasquatch. The sasquatch may have been there all along or may be a mythago spawned by the added belief generated by the fake attacks.
    • The PCs are investigative reporters for a supermarket tabloid (think Weekly World News) sent to Yosemite National Park in order to snap some shots of the elusive sasquatch. What they discover instead are a group of paranoid, heavily armed, commercial marijuana farmers who want very much to stay out of the papers. The marijuana farmers aim to kill this story forever.
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