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The scale of a campaign defines the size of the issues that the PCs will be expected to deal with, from the epic (battling the gods for the future of the universe) or heroic (leading the kingdom's last army to defeat the all conquering evil empire) to the human (finding and rescuing the children that the pirates kidnapped) and the prosaic (finding out which of two rival villagers that pig belongs to).

Scale and scope can easily be independant (if the epic matters occur in the heroes back yard or they travel the universe trying to scratch a living) but in general the power level of the PCs will be tied to scale: great heroes to battle gods and common men to investigate pig theft … although this is still available for subversion. Of course (especially in a class and level system) a common man may grow into a great hero, and it is always possible to have a change of pace in a campaign (normally an interlude in an epic or heroic campaign where the heroes are faced with some very mundane issue to resolve).


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