Schools And Universities
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Basic Information

A School is an institution designed for the instruction of students, guided by teachers.

In the modern era most countries have government-run school systems, often compulsory; although private schools, run by religious or other organizations also exist and these, historically, were the rule rather than the exception.

Schools are generally divided into Primary Schools for young children; Secondary Schools for adolescents; and Post-Secondary, including Trade Schools, Colleges and Universities.

Notable Schools and Universities

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Game and Story Use

  • Schools and Universities have a long and honourable history both as settings for adventure and locations to visit during the course of them.
  • The characters can be students or faculty … or they can be visiting to take advantage of the accumulated knowledge to be found there.
  • In some eras a university will be a political body in its own right - the machinations of the University of Cambridge in Susanna Gregory's Matthew Bartholomew novels are a good example of this.
  • In other eras, the allumini of a school rather than its faculty may be the political body - see for example any Ivy League University in the US, the Oxbridge Universities in the UK and many of Britain's major public schools.
  • And of course Universities are well known for collections of rare … perhaps fortean … books and artifacts.
  • High School is the default setting for Anime-style Wacky Teen Comedy campaigns.
  • A big enough and old enough conspiracy might have its own school(s) to train members up from childhood … expect small and exclusive private boarding schools in remote locations.
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