Scientists Make Teleportation Breakthrough
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April 15, 2011:
A team of scientists at the University of Tokyo have successfully teleported wave packets of light by destroying them in one place and re-creating them in another. The experiment invovled a quantum physics concept called Entanglement, by which two particles can be bonded together and affect each other, even when separated by large distances.

"What we've done is take a macroscopic beam of light and put it into a quantum superposition, which is extremely fragile, and teleported that from one place to another," said one of the members of the research team.

Although the process cannot teleport anything as complex as a living organism, it can trasmit complex blocks of quantum information which may ultimately be used to make computers and communication faster.


1. Original article from Yahoo UK News: Scientists Make Teleportation Breakthrough

Game and Story Use

  • Although the article focuses on teleportation, this could be a useful bit of technobabble for justifying FTL Communications as well.
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