Scientologists in Haiti - A Firsthand Account
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February 2, 2010: According to an eyewitness, members of a volunteer organization of the Church of Scientology traveled to Haiti to help after the 2010 Haiti earthquake - but were allegedly unprepared to actually assist with the relief efforts. According to the anonymous source:

  • They had no food and no place to stay, but lots of money - they believed that they could use their money to buy supplies locally. One person even commented that he would just buy whatever he needed at the Port-au-Prince airport.
  • One woman arrived in designer cowboy boots, believing them to be adequate footwear for a post-earthquake disaster area.
  • They had nobody with them who spoke Creole.
  • They frequently left their huge yellow tent and entered a local hospital to "touch heal" people. Later, they complained about this to the actual doctors.
  • There were even reports that they gave food to people who were about to have surgery, leading to complications during the surgery process.



Game and Story Use

  • Typical player characters often find themselves in disaster areas. Hopefully, they will be among those who try to help the locals. How will they feel about the representatives from the rich Merchant Guild or fringe religion who are doing everything wrong?
    • This could be played for either comic relief or as a way to present a certain organization or group even more unsympathetically, foreshadowing future clashes with the PCs.
    • A quick way to annoy everyone would be to try and buy all local food supplies in the disaster area - including those of other organizations trying to help! - so that they can distribute it as sign of their "generosity".
    • Perhaps they are freely distributing their "wonder cure" to injured and sick people - which not only does not work at all, but might actually get people addicted to it.
      • And perhaps it has even worse side effects - maybe even magical ones.
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