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Basic Information

A scroll is a primitive form of book consisting of a length of writing material (typically paper or parchment but other forms exist) onto which the text is transcribed and which is then rolled up for ease of storage. Typical upgrades include handles at each end (which then lead to a technique of rolling the scroll off from one and onto the other), marginal tags (which hang out from the end and guide the user to specific parts of the scroll) and a summary section at the start of the scroll that tells the reader what can be found in the rest of the scroll. When not in use the scroll will typically be bound up with a ribbon or similar closure.

Scroll using societies tend to store and transport their literature in protective tubes and archive them in shelves similar to a honeycomb (or wine-rack).

fRPGs are particularly fond of magic scrolls.


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Game and Story Use

  • A character might well have an annoying habit of not "rewinding" scrolls after reading them - or an intolerance of people who do.
  • Note that scrolls are fiddly things to handle, especially in a hurry.
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