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Basic Information

The Se'irim ("shaggy ones") are spirits - possibly demons - of the wilderness recorded in various Semitic mythologies and mentioned in The Bible (where the word is often translated as Satyrs - as per the KJV - or wild goats). They were said to dance in wild places and ruins (e.g. ISA 13:21) and the Israelites sometimes erred by sacrificing to them. They seem to have a great deal in common with the satyr (hence the translation convention) but not much else is known about them, except that they were distinct from the shedim.

Like the equivalent beings in other cultures (such as the satyr, schrat, woodwose, green man and leshy) they are likely to represent both fear of the untamed wilderness and fear of the more bestial and animalistic side of humanity.


The Demonic side of Se'irim considered by the occultists at Diabolical Confusions.
The Jewish Encyclopedia on Se'irim and Shedim.

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Game and Story Use

  • Some excuse for using satyrs outside a Grecian setting (or, if of a splatbook mentality, creating a variant species of satyr).
  • Also, reinforces the demonic aspect of the satyr.
  • The translation convention is also fun ("Wild goats! It said wild f*£$ing goats!" "…they got the f*£$ing bit right though, didn't they?").
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