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Basic Information

For whatever reason, Hollywood thinks that the only city in the Pacific Northwest is Seattle. Likewise, the only trendy (or bohemian) city in the US that isn't New York or LA is Seattle. However, most depictions of Seattle in TV and movies are actually filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, with a disproportionately large shot of the Space Needle thrown in to sell the illusion.



Game and Story Use

  • If your plot demands a city in the Pacific Northwest, you might as well pick Seattle, as it's familiar, it's trendy, and there's already a couple pages about it here on Arcanawiki.
    • If you've watched any Stargate, X-Files, or 4400, you already know what Seacouver looks like, and chances are your players do too.
  • In a game set Twenty Minutes Into The Future, you could get away with actually calling it Seacouver, a single sprawling metropolis that's beaten back The Other Rainforest and industrialized the Pacific Northwest. This hybrid (of Seattle, both Vancouvers, and Portland) supercity would be the northern sister to Cyberpunk 2020's Night City, or whatever you're calling the urban nightmare that used to be subdivided into LA/San Fran/San Diego. Sure, such growth stretches believability just a smidge, but it's very in-genre and simplifies maps.
    • In the Seattle of the real world, people don't wear flannel any more, but in Seacouver, Grunge is eternal.
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