Seaweed Harvester
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Basic Information

A seaweed harvester is a person who harvests seaweed for a living (or at least as a large enough part of their living that it looks like a job). Historically seaweed has mostly been used as food (or in food processing and manufacture), but there are a few additional applications such as herbalism, as a fertiliser in agriculture and horticulture and for extracting their natural polymers (such as agars and alginates) for a diverse range of applications including science, the manufacture of cosmetics and paper making.

This is an important job in some costal cultures, especially those with little or no agricultural hinterland (for example on rocky or desert coastlines), in which case seaweed and fish may be the majority of the population's diet. Seaweed may also provide a (supplementary) food source for livestock, although not all animals will tolerate it. Even where this is not done on a commercial basis, many costal communities will gather seaweed to some degree by incidental foraging.

In the modern era, the harvester may actually work a deep water seaweed farm, but traditional methods mostly involve foraging along the shore and collecting flotsam or material growing within the tidal range.


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Game and Story Use

  • Moderately good candidates for discovering something (or someone) previously lost at sea - or for witnessing activities along an otherwise deserted coastline.
  • Grappling for seaweed in shallow water is also good cover for recovering smuggled goods, hidden below the low tide line.
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