Secret Society
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Basic Information

Secret societies are groups and organizations who keep their activities secret before nonmembers. Frequently, the identity of members is kept secret as well. Secret Societies are often implicated in Conspiracy Theory.

List of Secret Societies

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Game and Story Use

  • Secret societies make great villains, since they can strike everywhere and you can never be sure that you have found and defeated all members.
    • Alternatively, in a region with an oppressive or authoritarian government, the player characters themselves might be members of a secret society in order to protect themselves and still pursue their goals.
      • Of course, the agenda of the player characters doesn't have to be benevolent - it can be a lot of fun to role-play belonging to a villainous secret society as well…
      • Frankly the two can be hard to tell apart - even allegedly benevolent conspiracies tend to be remarkably cavalier with the lives of "the little people1".
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