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"I was eight years old when my granddaddy died
He that showed me the signs I still miss him sometimes
Been a long time ago but his words still ring true
Whatever you do be a seeker"

(from) The Seeker. Steve Earle

Basic Information

Seekers are characters who quest for the truth, uncover lies, seek out mysteries and generally try to gain knowledge. A seeker can also have one specific goal in mind, as opposed to general seeking - whether that goal be a public domain artifact, a place like Shangri-la or a piece of esoteric law like the riddle of steel.

List of Seeker Archetypes

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Game and Story Use

  • Characters who know what they want in life - other than just money and fame - are much easier to write adventures for.
  • A Seeker could also be an NPC who provides information to the players… just enough to get them in trouble.
    • Like the retired police detective obsessed with the one case he couldn't solve; he might be able to give you the clues which connect his case to your own.
    • Or the paranoid Conspiracy Theorist who sends you a copy of his notes… just before he is killed under mysterious circumstances.
    • Or the Cryptozoologist who thinks he may have located the Yeti, but needs your help to find it.
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