Seven Wonders Of The Classical World
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Basic Information

The Seven Wonders of the Classical World (that is, the seven most impressive artificial structures known to the Greco-Romans) are generally defined as:

Of these only the Great Pyramid remains standing - the Hanging Gardens may never have existed, the Colossos collapsed during an earthquake and was sold for scrap, the Pharos also collapsed and its site is not confirmed into the modern era. The Mauseleon also collapsed and its stones were used to build a medieval castle, the Artimesion was lost to arson and the statue of Zeus either looted or destroyed in a temple fire.

Variations to this list exist - some as a result of popfinition1, but others due to a genuine debate contemporary to the first drawing up of the list: all seven structures only coexisted for about sixty years and many sources replace some or all of them with other wonders such as the Walls of Babylon (or at least Babylon's Istar gate).


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