Shape Shifting
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Basic Information

Shape shifting occurs when characters transform from one shape to another. This may be a result of magic, lycanthropy, or the "natural" powers of shape-shifting races or individuals. It may be a painful and horrible curse (see Body Horror) or just another useful supernatural power to scrawl on the "skills & powers" section of your character sheet.

Your basic categories of shapeshifters are:

List of Shape Shifting Tropes

For transformations that require a significant change in mass, there would seem to be a requirement to balance this out somehow - ectoplasm may be the answer for those transformations where the shapeshifter gains mass, but where mass decreases things become trickier.


Game and Story Use

  • Shape shifting player characters can vastly extend the range of their abilities, though their alternate forms might come with drawbacks of their own.
  • Shape shifting enemies can be vastly more dangerous than normal foes, especially if the player characters don't know all the forms their enemies can shift into.
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