Shipwreck in Baltic Sea? A UFO?
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January 31, 2012: Treasure Hunters based out of Stockholm, Sweden have discovered something very intriguing under the Baltic Sea. It's a disk nearly 200 feet in diameter, and it looks a little like the Millennium Falcon. When the weather warms up this spring or summer, they plan to investigate.


Game and Story Use

  • This UFO (well, underwater no-longer-flying object, I suppose) turns out to be a crashed alien spaceship.
    • The PCs are part of the team who investigate it.
    • The Conspiracy has known about such ships and aliens for a long time. They've previously recovered several of them, but didn't know this one was out there. Shadowy agents are even now racing to destroy or hide the wreckage before the treasure hunters who discovered and announced it can get to it. When the PCs get there, they may interrupt some sort of covert government naval operation and be chased off by attack subs.
  • It's a crashed soviet space mission that came down in the dead of night during a storm in the midst of the cold war. The soviets have been keeping it quiet to save face, or maybe to prevent the west from recovering something important in the hold.
    • The ghost of a cosmonaut now haunts the wreck.
  • NASA or some other space agency deliberately crashed that ship there. It's got a space disease or alien infestation on board, which will be released if the wreckage is brought to the surface.
  • It's a Mythago or Egregore - that is to say, it really is the Millennium Falcon! It was spontaneously formed from the collective unconscious by the worldwide excitement building up to the opening weekend of The Phantom Menace, then crashed hard once the world population actually saw the film.
    • It's a prop Millennium Falcon, ordered for some promotional work or by a rich fan that was lost over the side during a storm.
  • It's the ruins of some ancient settlement from a long-vanished civilization.
    • An outpost of Atlantis, and the ruins contain a wealth of Orichalcum.
    • It could still be a spaceship of the Ancient Astronauts.
    • It's antedilluvian (predating the biblical flood)… and if you're playing The Masquerade that's got a few implications. Perhaps vamps of some unknown bloodline lie in torpor beneath the disk. How much fortitude do you need to survive the ocean depths?
  • The giant disk is the literal lid of Sealed Evil In A Can. Twist that lid, and Great Cthulhu shall be released upon an unsuspecting world.
  • It's actually a secret Nazi stash used to hide loot or secret projects at the end of the war…
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