Signet Ring
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Basic Information

A signet ring is a piece of jewelry (specifically a ring) which carries a copy of the wearer's seal engraved into the face. This provides the wearer with a convenient way to carry his seal around and have it (literally) at hand for securing and authenticating documents. Materials of construction and general design will vary, but these are usually big rings and pricey merely due to the quality of the workmanship required - better materials may increase the price still further, but on the other hand gold in particular is soft and may prove sub-optimal for holding the engraving. Those with small hands - child heirs and some women for example - may be unable to have the ring meaningfully fitted and need to wear it on a cord instead.

The seal of Solomon is a famous example of the type.


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Game and Story Use

  • Being able to secure - or at least duplicate - one of these would be a major coup for a fraudster or spy in the right culture.
  • A lost family seal would be a very big deal indeed - where PCs are commissioned to search for a missing person, returning with their signet ring may be a "minimal success" in event of being unable to return the person or their remains.
    • Or may be all that a more callous heir cares about. Which may be much funnier if the PCs return with the ring … still attached to their rather peeved parent who is now all too aware of the limited nature of their commission.
  • Giving someone your signet ring as a proof of identity either implies great trust and/or that you expect them to act as your deputy.
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