Singularity City
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By goldenerasuburb


Kardashev Cusp
The Future is Noir

The Adventure Seed

The City was founded in Haiti as part of the rebuilding effort. With multinational corporations, world powers, and locals alike pitching in, it soon became an embodiment of what the world was working towards - a much contested center of technological advancement and commerce which struggled to maintain it's own independence. A saying emerged there: "As the the City goes, so goes the world." On the surface, the dream remains alive, but underneath that surface a different picture emerges: The City has become a place reminiscent of film noir movies as the criminal underworld, the City's administration, corporate and national interests, a growing luddite/populist revolt and an AI seeking to rule humans for their own good fight over control of the city. All of this is a microcosm of the struggle that is happening in the rest of the world. The PCs can choose to fight for any one of these sides, or strike out on their own. Whatever they do, the fate of the City and the world is in their hands.

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