Sinister Chorus
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Basic Information

The sinister chorus is a horror trope that involves a single message being spoken by many individuals - either in sucession or all at once - indicating a single intelligence behind many bodies. This may be evidence of a hive mind at work, or of something else creepy, especially if some or all of the chorus have no business speaking.

Crowds, groups of corpses sat around dinner tables and similar things are all good sources for a chorus of this type.

Opinion is divided as to whether it is better or worse if all members of the chorus have the same voice.


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Game and Story Use

  • When PCs are dealing with some kind of group mind, this is an excellent way to demonstrate it - whether a true hive mind, a being capable of possessing multiple bodies at once or a necromancer controlling multiple undead.
  • These can be coupled with ragdoll avatars for something for scared or frustrated PCs to pointlessly smash.
  • A less sinister version can be achieved by having the same voice come out of every loudspeaker in earshot - usually a symptom of an AI takeover or some other hijacking of systems. This becomes more of a chorus when robots are involved.
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