Smart Locking Firearms
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Basic Information

The concept of smart locking is a recent innovation designed to be attached to a firearm and to prevent the weapon from being used (except in the capacity as an improvised melee weapon) by any unauthorized user. This is sold as a a safety feature to prevent accidental discharge of the firearm by (for example) children and a security device to prevent stolen firearms from being used. "Smart" because these locks are designed to be keyed to RF transponders (as in the example below), biometrics or similar features, as opposed to a traditional key lock. They are also meant to be unobtrusive and not to foul the lines of the weapon.

This is, of course, ripe for abuse - presumably it will be relatively easy for The State to acquire a back door into these systems (they are apt to insist on such things) allowing them to de-authorize users at will. Even if you trust The State, history shows that such back doors are also reasonably easily accessed by other users - either someone else's version of The State or ordinary decent criminals (or, indeed, anyone else). You would also be well advised to assume that once this technology becomes possible it is likely to become compulsory.

Fortunately, it has already been demonstrated (see below) that current examples of this technology can be bypassed … there is no reason to think that future examples will not have solutions of their own.

Also, there are those firearms that have a reputation for not being entirely concerned what happens with the trigger - these are generally considered unsafe and won't be made a great deal safer by adding this sort of thing.


An example of the technology from Mossberg
...aaand hacked.

1. full source reference

Game and Story Use

  • 2000AD's Judge Dredd takes this technology a step further - the "Lawgiver" sidearms used by Mega City judges have explosive charges built into the grip which detonate if an unauthorized user attempts to fire them.
  • Presumably government controlled weapons - or at any rate those carried by the police if not the military - are liable to be locked as well, if only to prevent them from being captured. Given hackable locks, presumably a sufficiently skilled user can turn the trick of de-authorizing users back on The State.
  • This is likely to make black and grey market firearms even more important.
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