Solar System
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List of Planets in the Solar System

Other Objects in the Solar System

4 of the moons in our solar system have their own atmosphere. They are: Callisto (moon), Io (moon), Titan (moon), and Triton (moon).

The largest moon in our solar system is Ganymede (moon).

Hypothetical Objects of the Solar System

Fictional Objects of the Solar System

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Game and Story Use

  • Pretty much the only region of outer space likely to be reached in a campaign set Twenty Minutes Into The Future. Unless you have FTL, even the stuff in our solar system is months or years away. Even communication by radio or laser with another planet in our system can involve hours of waiting patiently for a reply.
  • Given the lists of "other objects" and "hypothetical objects" you can see that we don't have nearly as clear and complete a picture of our own solar system as you may have been taught in school. Most of these uncertain objects are small and dark (and therefore very hard to spot), but some are potentially huge but dark enough to escape detection. There are potentially entire planets out there that we haven't even theorized. Which means the GM has some freedom to put aliens, precursors, megastructures and the like much closer to home than one might otherwise expect.
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