Somalia a land of chaos, awash in weapons
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March 1, 2009: Somalia has been flooded with weapons, fueling the disordered state of Somali society, and affecting neighbors such as Kenya. The guns come from a bewildering number of different countries, including China, the United States, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Ukraine, Finland and North Korea.



Game and Story Use

  • The PCs could travel to Somalia to meet with an arms dealer - either as customers, or because they want to take him out.
  • Conversely, PCs with a mixed bag of assorted weapons could find Somalia a good place to get rid of them - albiet not exactly at top dollar.
  • In between the two cases, PCs could be assigned to find out how a given consignment of weapons ended up in Somalia - this would usually be because something readily identifiable showed up where it was not meant to be and started a hunt. Employers could be a government agency, or perhaps an arms manufacturer trying to prove that they didn't violate their export licence.
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