Soylent is here!
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August 7 2013

A chap named Rob Rhinehart has invented, and is now placing on the market, a 100% synthetic food replacement drink called "Soylent" - in deference to the fictional version. Apparently he's been living off the stuff for months and seems to be doing okay and the general public seems very interested in it.

At first sight, this would appear to be a protein item, but at least it's not soylent soy.


An interview with the chap himself
...and a tech blogger trying the stuff out.

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Game and Story Use

  • Could easily see applications in various dystopiae - or for characters who, through illness, injury, asceticism or extensive body mods can or will no longer consume normal foods.
  • Also possibly good for treating people with eating disorders and suchlike.
  • Or for force-feeding people. It would be really useful for that.
  • Power Armour wearers might subsist for days on end on this stuff…
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