Space Disaster
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Basic Information

A Space Disaster refers to one of three related things:

  1. A wreck, collision, crash, explosion or similar loss of a spaceship, rocket, satellite, or spacestation. That is to say a real-world tragedy akin to an Air Disaster or accident.
  2. A natural disaster of a type that can only occur in space, or occurs on an interstellar scale. Like a supernova, for example. I mean, yeah, a supernova could totally cook the earth, but it's not really something you think of as an earthly disaster, and seems a little out of place on the list of disasters.
  3. A disaster of a decidedly science-fiction bent, like an alien invasion. If aliens show up and attack us, the majority of the disaster will take place on earth not in space. Still, it's definitely a threat from space, and relevant to games and stories where the heroes travel around in space.

One way in which a space disaster may be different or worse than a more earthly disaster is that if your spaceship or spacesuit gets damaged by the disaster, you're likely to be facing the perils of space exposure

List of Space Disasters

See also Interstellar Terrain (and maybe even the rps_hazard tag) for a longer list of navigational hazards you might encounter in space.


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Game and Story Use

  • Any of links above could provide good thought-fodder for a science fiction RPG or novel. The moon is a harsh mistress, and the void between stars even more so.
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