Space Hurricane
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Basic Information

A Space Hurricane is a form of space weather. So far, only a single space hurricane has been detected. It was in 2014, and occurred directly above the North Pole. It was not directly observed at the time, because few if any people would have been far enough North to see it. Instead it was recorded on monitoring devices and discovered many years later (early 2021) when scientists were reviewing data for an atmospheric study.

The single recorded space hurricane was a huge plasma storm high above the earth, caused by the interaction of solar radiation and charged particles in our atmosphere. The 2014 storm was 1,000 km (over 600 miles) wide, and lasted 8 hours. It was in shape of multiple interlocking cyclone arms (a storm cluster, sorta vaguely hydra-shaped) and it spun counterclockwise just like normal hurricanes do in the Earth's northern hemisphere.

Space hurricanes are likely to cause disruption of satellites and GPS systems while they are raging.


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