Space Whale
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Basic Information

This speculative fiction trope describes a large whale-like creature. In space!

Really only works if space is an ocean, or if the whale has some sort of built-in genetic stardrive. Here in reality, the interstellar medium isn't dense enough to just paddle-and-flipper through it.

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Game and Story Use

  • Space Whaling by evil Space Whalers.
    • Call me Ishmael Beta. Moby Dick references - IN SPACE!!!
    • As mentioned in the article, a Space Whale probably has some kind of built-in stardrive. Maybe they're more efficient than built ones, or maybe they're the only form of stardrive anyone knows about.
  • A space whale becomes tangled in a Dyson Net.
  • The PC's spaceship is damaged and stranded far out of normal space-shipping lanes with no chance of rescue. But then a friendly pod of space whales comes along and pushes them back to civilization. (Which takes a really long time unless they're FTL space whales.)
  • An enraged bull space whale attacks the ship!
    • Perhaps he mistakes it for a romantic rival.
    • Or a potential mate. Squickiness ensues. Full power to the shields!
  • One of the PC's is swallowed by a Space Whale and develops Ultra-powers.
    • Hey, it worked for Ultra Boy of the Legion of Super-Heroes
    • But seriously; if you have a Space Whale, you got a chance somebody's gonna get swallowed by it.
      • As in Pinocchio in Outer Space.
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