Spatial Dimension
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Basic Information

The three spatial dimensions perceived by man would be height, width, and depth. These correspond to the three perpendicular axes (plural of axis) of a Cartesian coordinate system.

String Theory and M-Theory both propose that reality has many more dimensions, at least 10. Each additional dimension is like a new direction that is somehow perpendicular to all the directions we are familiar with. One possible reason why we can't perceive these other dimensions is that they may be curled up into each other on a subatomic scale.

For additional ideas on the nuts-and-bolts implications of these other dimensions, see Fourth Dimension, Fifth Dimension, and Fourth Dimensional Lifeform.

For the sci-fi version where Dimensions are like parallel realities or other worlds, see Another Dimension.

Time is often referred to as the Temporal Dimension, see Relativity, Spacetime and Time Travel for more ideas.



Game and Story Use

  • Following the links above should provide plenty of ideas.
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