Spectral Bat
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Basic Information

The Spectral Bat, also known as Linnaeus's False Vampire Bat or Vampyrym Spectrum, is the largest carnivorous bat in the world (unless the Desmodus Draculae turns out to not be extinct). Average wingspan of a Spectral Bat is 80 cm (nearly 3 feet), but specimens of up to 100 cm have been recorded.

The Spectral Bat is stealthy, and a good hunter, capable of taking amphibeans, reptiles, and small birds, small mammals, large insects, and even other bats as prey. Despite the confusing scientific name, it is not actually a Vampire Bat. Vampyrym Spectrum eats animals, instead of just sucking their blood. It's been described as "monstrous" and it's teeth as "fierce".[2]

The Spectral Bat can be found in Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Suriname, Guyana and Trinidad.

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Game and Story Use

  • It's not actually a threat to humans, but it is big and some folks find bats creepy. So it's main use is for scenery or flavor, or possibly a good cat scare.
    • Unless one of the PCs is a pixie or has an animal familiar - then these bats could be plenty threatening.
  • Yeah, Transylvania has lots of bats, but the ones in South America are bigger. What does that say about the local vampires?
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