Squatters in paradise say it's job from hell
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July 26, 2009: Parts of the Spratly Islands archipelago are claimed by Vietnam, China, the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan and Brunei. These claims are hotly contested, as this region is thought to contain untapped oil and natural gas reserves, as well as virgin fishing grounds. To cement their claim on the island of Pagasa, the Philippine government has sponsored a settlement there. However, the settlement has numerous problems with morale, as the perimeter of the island can be walked along in its entirety during 30 minutes, and the view is extremely monotonous and the same every day. One man stabbed himself to escape the island, while another hanged himself two days after he arrived.

In 2002, the Philippine government first sponsored civilian settlers there who augmented the two dozen soldiers stationed on the island. These get free food and free housing as well as guaranteed jobs. However, they have difficulties in retaining them, and the community, which once had more than 300 people, now only has 55 as the loneliness of the outpost drove most to get away as quickly as possible. For some time, the government ordered government employees to come to the island, threatening to fire them if they refused, but all of them left after their term was up.

There are no stores and no roads on the island, and a military landing strip cuts through its surface. A community center and a clinic exist. Telephones and satellite television are powered by electrical generators which only operate part time.

The mayor currently doesn't live on the island, but he plans to open a tourist resort next year.

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Game and Story Use

  • Such a lonely, isolated outpost is ideal for a horror scenario. There are hostile nations and military outposts nearby, help form one's own side will be unable to come quickly, tropical cyclones can damage vital utilities and isolate the settlement further… and, of course, everyone is slowly getting crazy from the loneliness. All it requires are some monsters (such as, say, Deep Ones) that stalk the inhabitants, and the scenario will practically run itself.
    • And just what does turn the inhabitants crazy? Is it just the isolation - or a Great Old One slumbering nearby?
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