Squirrel Invasion of 1801
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Starting on September 1, 1801 the town of Newport, Kentucky faced an invasion by tens of thousands of squirrels. This was highly unusual, since squirrels are normally solitary creatures and there were no reported disasters in the area such as wildfires or earthquakes which might have triggered this invasion. The locals attempted to shoot them, but thanks to the huge number of squirrels they scarcely made a dent into their population.

For some reason the squirrels appeared as mesmerized and plunged into the Ohio River to swim across to Cincinnati, Ohio - where the forewarned locals already waited for them with their own guns. It took several days to get this plague under control.

See Also

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Game and Story Use

  • A Summon Animal Spell gone terribly wrong?
    • Or perhaps gone right?
    • Someone liked eating squirrel pie and made a badly phrased wish?
  • Perhaps some horrible ritual was in progress in Cincinnati, and the squirrels sensed its unnaturalness and attempted to stop it…
    • Or they were running away from something in Kentucky…
  • Possibly some kind of pied-piper at work.
  • Or some alchemist, mad scientist or other meddler cooking up a super-powerful synthetic squirrel pheremone (or nut essence).
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