Stalin’s Ancient Alien Rocket


November 27, 2002: According to an article published in Pravda, Stalin believed that the United States indeed covered up an UFO crash during the Roswell UFO Incident in 1947. Furthermore, archaeologists allegedly discovered an "ancient space rocket" under the city of Kiev in 1948. In the excavation site, they found a huge chest with 500 books in Arabic, Greek, Sanskrit and Slavic languages.

"The books contained drawings: constructions of orbital stations, hangars for spaceships, and scenes from something like Star Wars. The books also contained the original manuscript, Slovo o polku Igoreve, about the exploits of ancient Prince Ivor, written by chronicler Pyotr Borislavovich. The MVD (secret police) arrived within hours, placed the findings in three covered trucks, and took them away. The archeologists were warned to keep silent about the whole episode…"[1]

These discoveries were then allegedly used by the Soviet Union during the space race.



Game and Story Use

  • In an Alternate History setting where both this and the Roswell Incident really happened, the Cold War might play out in space - perhaps only in the solar system, perhaps in other star systems as well - with both the United States and the Soviet Union reverse-engineering alien technologies to get an advantage over their rivals.
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