Standing Stone Cup Marks May Represent Star Constellations
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November 28, 2010:

Archaeologists excavating a site in southwest Wales have uncovered what may be an ancient star map. The site is a standing stone known as Trefael, which is believed to possibly be the capstone of an underground burial chamber. In excavating the stone to test this theory, the archaeologists found dimples or cup marks gouged into the rock's surface, which some astronomers think could represent the position of stars.


Game and Story Use

  • Ancient underground temples and burial chambers are a staple of dungeon crawls. And star maps are always cool.
  • The stars depicted might have some special significance.
    • Certain stars or constellations may be associated with certain deities
    • Or certain times may be determined by the rising or setting of those stars
    • Perhaps the map shows what the sky will look like When The Stars Are Right and Great Cthulhu Rises Again!!!
      • You knew we were going to bring that up!
  • Perhaps the star map shows from where the Ancient Astronauts came to visit Earth… and thus it shows us where we can find them again, once we develop star travel.
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