'Stoned wallabies make crop circles'
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June 25, 2009: Wallabies in Tasmania, Australia frequently eat poppies in poppy fields (which are used to produce opium). As a result, they become high and hop around in circles, creating crop circles. Sheep and other animals have also been observed to move in circles after eating poppies.

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Game and Story Use

  • The stoned wallabies could be channeling fairies.
    • Or perhaps they have been trying to summon them - i.e. open up a trod.
  • Imagine a setting where both large animals and vast plantations for drugs exist. If the animals make a habit of feeding on the drug fields, they could do a lot of damage - and be the cause for some great slapstick scenes as people attempt to capture them or drive them away.
    • Imagine a creature as large and strong as an elephant getting addicted to the stuff…
      • Bonus points if the PCs cannot harm the creature because either their weapons are insufficient or the creature is regarded as holy by the local religion
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