Stull Church

Basic Information

The little limestone church that once stood in the cemetery of Stull, Kansas was long purported to contain a "gateway to Hell". Some local residents spoke of devil worshippers meeting in the church during the 1960s, while other tales offered up stories of a cursed preacher who made a bargain with the devil. While the various legends surrounding the church varied greatly from one teller to another, the "gateway to Hell" was the one thing that they all had in common.

A favorite destination of both amateur and professional ghost hunters, stories of the little limestone church had been seen in print and were regularly traded around campfires in both Shawnee County and Douglass County. It was, perhaps, then fitting that the church was also demolished under equally mysterious circumstances on March 29, 2002 following the collapse of one wall two weeks earlier due to inclement weather. Nobody knows who was responsible for the act and, so far, nobody has stepped up to take credit.


Game and Story Use

  • What if the little limestone church in Stull really was a gateway to Hell?
    • The residents of Stull had been abducting single travelers who won't soon be missed and 'feeding' them to the entity that lived under the old churchyard. Although the 'thing' is now dead and gone, there is still the matter of missing travelers to attend to. What will the locals do to those nosy cold case investigators?
    • The limestone foundation of the old church was finally more weight than the ghoul tunnels criss-crossing the cemetery hill could bear. The good news is that the ghoul tunnels are now useless. Unfortunately, for the local residents of Stull, the bad news is that the ghouls have to find new digs.
    • It was clearly built on top of a hellmouth … has no-one seen Buffy?
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