Subspace Ansible
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Basic Information

A subspace ansible is a form of FTL Radio that specifically uses Subspace for the "explanation" of how it works. Further information can be found on the FTL Radio page.

The term "Ansible" was coined by Ursula K. Le Guin in her novel Rocannon's World. It's since been borrowed by other authors. The word Ansible is a variation on "Answerable", alluding to the idea that a FTL Communication would make it possible to hold a conversation or answer a distress call in normal time. Without such a device, it might be years before anyone even gets your deep space distress call. Talking to another planet in the solar system would have long pauses equating to the several minutes of delay it takes for light or radio waves to travel that distance. The Ansible renders it as normal as earthbound radio or cellphone conversation.



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