Sundown Town
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"We Want White Tenants In Our White Community"
- old street sign

Basic Information

A sundown town is a town in the United States that is or was all-white on purpose. The name refers to signs stating that non-white people should leave the community by sundown. This state of affairs was maintained via intimidation, violence, or conspiracies between local landlords and real estate agents.



Game and Story Use

  • In fantasy settings, the same methods could be used to keep communities free of specific non-human races (or humans, for that matter).
  • If you play in the past of the U.S. and don't mind mentioning the less-than-savory parts of its history, you can have the PCs need to enter one. You might do this to highlight the casual racism of the time, or if one of the PCs isn't white, this gives you a built in time limit. Or, in the second case, you can create a Closed Circle if you feel like being really mean.
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