Super-Sargasso Sea
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"I could have sworn I put two pair of socks in the drier…"

Basic Information

The noted weirdologist Charles Fort once hypothesized that there existed what he called a "Super-Sargasso Sea", a strange dimension where things disappeared to. He suggested when objects mysteriously disappear for no apparent reason, they are actually spontaneously teleporting to this other dimension. Contrawise, things that suddenly appear out of nowhere and then vanish again might also be coming from this Twilight Zone reality.

He borrowed his name, of course, from the region in the Atlantic Ocean where ocean currents have caused seaweed and debris to collect in one spot. The fact that the terrestrial Sargasso Sea happens to be located in the Bermuda Triangle may or may not be a coincidence.


Game and Story Use

  • In a Science Fiction campaign, the PC's are the subject of random spontaneous teleportation and find themselves trapped in the Super-Sargasso Sea. How can they escape?
    • What causes the spontaneous teleportation? Could be a lot of things. An accident with an experimental teleportation device works.
    • Or perhaps they are sent there by Sufficiently Advanced Aliens
  • The Super-Sargasso Sea could be where cryptids come from
  • Perhaps this is the explanation behind that D&D staple the Bag of Holding
  • Or, putting a theological spin on things, perhaps the Super-Sargasso Sea is actually Limbo.
  • The Super-Sargasso Sea might feed the Plastic Continent.
  • An important but small object gets lost. Now the PCs have to enter the Super-Sargasso Sea to get it back!
  • Important locations in the Super-Sargasso Sea might include the Village of Lost Souls (populated by people who disappeared without explanation), the Bit Bucket (containing all information that has been forgotten or destroyed), or the Mountain of Unmatched Socks.
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