Superfund money to clean 'mouth of the beast'
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June 12, 2009: The Iron Mountain Mine near Redding, California is generally regarded as one of the most polluted places on Earth. The water is highly acidic and saturated with heavy metals, including iron and copper. The EPA has tried to clean up the elements accumulating in a nearby reservoir, but the mine continues to release toxic chemical and biological substances powered by reactions within it. It is estimated that these reactions will only stop in 3000 years.

NASA scientists once sent a robot to explore the mine, but it failed to return. The current owner of the mine proposes to reopen it and also plans to build a 200 feet tall marble statue of Jesus.


Game and Story Use

  • In a fantasy setting, similar reactions could be alchemical in nature.
    • Perhaps the toxic wastes come from some subterranean species living in the mountain?
  • This is a prefect hideout for a toxic-resistant monster.
  • The taint could even have a supernatural cause (or at least be exacerbated by some supernatural effect) - the enormous marble icon may be part of some kind of theurgic ward designed to break the evil influence over the site.
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