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Basic Information

Surtsey is a volcanic island off the coast of Iceland. It rose from the ocean on November 14, 1963, and the eruption that caused it to grow ended on June 5, 1967. Since then, the island has steadily shrunk due to erosion. Access to the island is tightly restricted to a number of scientists in order to protect the fragile ecosystem of the island.

The island was named after Surtr, a fire j├Âtunn or giant from Norse mythology.



Game and Story Use

  • Maybe the volcano was not just named after fire giant, maybe it is a fire giant. Perhaps all fire giants from Norse Mythology are creatures of fire fitfully asleep within the Earth's crust, and when they temporarily awaken, they rise to the surface at convenient spots and cause volcanic eruptions.
    • Perhaps that's the real reason why access to the island is restricted - the scientists aren't there to study the ecosystem, but to communicate with the fire giant - or at least keep him asleep with the help of complex machinery.
      • Or perhaps they are using human sacrifice.
        • Perhaps that's the real reason why the volcano stopped growing in 1967 - instead of, say, growing in size until it devastated all of Iceland and created enough space for all the brethen of the fire giant to emerge!
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