Tank Meat to make its commercial debut in Singapore
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December 16, 2020

An exclusive dining club restaurant in Singapore is now serving the world's first commercial tank meat - specifically cultured chicken - having received government approval a few days ago.

Three different recipes of "chicken bites" are being offered, apparently with Chinese, Brazilian and American themes.

Presumably the meat is served as "bites" due to issues with growing large sections, and the meals resulting will be expensive, but this is still a major step forward for a long awaited technology.
How it compares to "wild type" chicken is yet to be established.


Original Article @ Phys.Org.

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Game and Story Use

  • Ironic for those of us who are used to our sci-fi characters regarding tank meat as the inferior but affordable replacement for real meat.
  • Presumably even when tank meat becomes more mainstream, such exclusive venues will be able to offer … more exotic alternatives, possibly cultured to order.
    • "Exotic alternatives" might mean animals on the endangered species list, like elephant and panda. Hunting and killing them would be awful, but growing cultures of them is… well, still kinda weird.
    • But it can get even weirder yet. We could vat-grow meats that don't exist in nature, but have been genetically engineered for their flavor, texture, or other qualities. Actually, maybe that's less weird.
    • Or, y'know, "ethical cannibalism". Eww. Nope, that's definitely still disturbingly weird.
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