Taurus (Sun Sign)
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Basic Information

Sun Sign: Taurus
Born: April 20-May 20
Seeks job security, and the sense of accomplishment from getting the job done. Cautious, patient, and practical. Good with money. Also enjoys earthly pleasures, and can be a bit materialistic.
Element: Earth
Planet: Venus
Sign: Bull
Tarot Card: The Heirophant


Game and Story Use

  • A perfect match for the craftsman, guild leader, or blacksmith. They have their job, they are good at it, and they're slowly getting ahead in their field.
  • They may be a political opponent of the PCs. Staunchly conservative, stubborn as hell, and opposed to some particular plan the PCs have. You can't reason with them, but they aren't doing anything that would justify the usual homicidal tactics Player Characters want to unleash. You have to fight them within the system, or let them have their way.
  • Touch and taste are the favorite senses of the Taurus. They may have a sweet tooth, or they may fall victim to a badger game or honey trap.
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