Tea Khaki Drab
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Basic Information

The thick, dirty brown liquid found in most locations occupied by HM forces - usually located in urns at the end of mess halls, norwegian flasks in tents and vehicles and mugs held by any member of the British Forces who has at least one hand free and who is not actively engaged in combat. Allegedly related to the more widely consumed hot beverage Tea

Hard to distinguish from hot muddy water by sight or smell.

Tea, Khaki Drab, is manufactured by boiling teabags for far too long, and then adding cheap non-dairy whitener to the resulting infusion. It is traditionally served with large quantities of sugar to mask the taste.

Habituation to - and even tolerance of - Tea KD is a common mark of an HM forces veteran.


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Game and Story Use

  • Vital to any campaign involving HM forces … often to the horror of foreigners.
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