[This template is just for use in setting up automatic redirects to other pages. This is useful when a page you've created has several possible names or spellings, none of which have any functional difference. If there's some meaningful difference in slight variations in the name, please make a separate page instead. For what to do if pages with similar names have different meanings, see the general discussion forum for arcanawiki]

[[module Redirect destination="insert the name of the target page here" ]]

[You'll need to delete the @@ from the start and end of that line, or else it won't redirect.]

[To edit a redirect page (useful if you screwed up and had it redirect to the wrong page), you'll have to manually enter into your browser the address of the page you want to edit, followed by "/noredirect/true". For example, to edit the WWII page, you'd go to For more information, see That should answer everything.]

[No one will see the page you just made (they'll be redirected to the target page), so there's no need to put anything else on this page. ]

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