Terrace (agriculture)
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Basic Information

In agriculture, a terrace is a leveled section of a hill intended to conserve soil, prevent runoff of irrigation water, and thus make the hill suitable for farming. This method is especially popular for crops which require a lot of water, such as rice.

List of Noteworthy Terrace Structures



Game and Story Use

  • Terraces can make fight scenes in rural regions a lot more exiting and varied, given the multiple elevations of terrace systems. Those who have entrenched themselves in higher locations tend to have a significant defensive advantage.
    • It's even more fun if the terraces are flooded. Not only will this make movement more difficult, but it will also result in a more, er, dynamic terrain if explosions (whether from grenades and other conventional explosives or fireballs) create gaps in the dikes separating the fields and cause the water to pour downhill.
  • Well-maintained terraces in an area that the PCs thought was uninhabited can be the first sign that things aren't as they seem.
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