Tetra Vaal
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Basic Information

Tetra Vaal is a fictional arms manufacturing corporation based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The corporation is a significant part of the meta-fiction of Neil Blomkamp's films and is best know for the android police robots called "Scouts" that feature in both the eponymous short movie and the full length feature Chappie, in both of which the scouts are shown patrolling the slums of the city in response to endemic gang violence and lawlessness.

Another significant Tetra Vaal product was their remote controlled combat drone the MOOSE - although sales of this product were hampered by attempts to market it for policing work rather than the military role to which its heavy payload was far better suited.



Game and Story Use

  • This video makes for great visual inspiration for police robots in Cyberpunk campaigns.
  • The full-length Chappie also does a reasonable job of examining the politics behind deploying AI controlled policing units.
  • If such robots become more prevalent, they could become the vanguard of a robot revolution in a Robot War scenario.
  • The MOOSE is an even more credible opponent, which could arguably be deployed in the present as it requires no major advances in technology to be viable.
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