Texas Red Zombie Chainsaw Massacre
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By quarkstomperquarkstomper


The Adventure Seed

The citizens of Austin were not too concerned when students at the University of Texas began turning into zombies; after all, they're just students; besides, having an undead defensive line did wonders for their football team. But when the zombies began leaving campus and afflicting the town, something had to be done about it.

The players have to find out what is causing the zombie plague and how to stop it; which will not be easy, because the Army has moved in and are trying to prevent anyone from learning the secret. The plague was originally a biological weapon developed during the Cold War in what is now the Republic of Kazakhstan. A Kazakhstani student has smuggled a sample of the virus to the United States and it has gotten loose. Now the U.S. Government, the Russians and the Kazakhstanis are all after the virus and the zombies are after brains.

Time to rev up the chainsaws.

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